Cielito lindo, cómo es posible que seas una de las mejores bandas de rock nacional y haya gente que todavía no sabe que existís? No sé, con este temón, así como todos los otros, NO ME ESTARÍA PARECIENDO


Robert Plant || Led Zeppelin || Rock god

From the March 2008 Playboy - The Sex and Music Issue

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I wanted to make I post I could link too whenever someone asks me this~

Seriously. Even if I was hella in shape, really healthy, no one would be asking for health or work out tips from me if I was fat. Stop assuming because someone looks like what society deems as ‘healthy’ or ‘fit’ that they are, it’s a lie, they are try to sell you things and make you hate and judge strangers. Stop buying into it. 

I love this so much, I have no words.

THANK you! Cause no one listens when a fat person tries to explain this.

I noticed, I’ve seen several fat people make a great posts about this, only to see their inbox being blown up with ‘YOU’RE JUST MAKING EXCUSES!’ it’s disgusting because it has  absolutely nothing to do with the persons health and it’s fucked up to hid behind that bullshit faux concern because someone isn’t killing themselves to fit into what is considered ideal to make someone else more comfortable in consuming them as a product rather then treat them as a person. 

this is very important

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